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Spy Calls Home Depot Spy Calls Home Depot

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Awesome XD

Really good impression, dude, also, that's propably just the way the spy would talk. You should have said "Greet your mother from me" at the end or something like that XD Please do more of those! XD

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Rockmanneo12 responds:

You're right that'd a been hilarious. This was total improv. I'm trying to arrange for another one of these with better quality.

NewSkies - Tribute To Gorillaz NewSkies - Tribute To Gorillaz

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hear the inspiration...

But only a bit. Thie beginning's quite gorillar I think, the beat is a little bit too techno-y for the 'rillaz - you'd have to use another bass of course =P Won't forget Mudz, will we? Then, the part at around 1:00 isn't really gorillar at all... My opinion. Gets better again afterwards, all in all I pretty much like it :D

Latino Punk Latino Punk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sounds quite nice!

I give you 10 because you use Mixcraft ;P Joke, I give ya 10 because I love how it sounds and I simply adore the use of that violin (I think) at the beginning and end, especially thumbs up for the riddim at the end, I'm in love with it!

Gothellick responds:

thanx, xD
the violin was quite why I started making this song!
made it by accident, and thought that I could make something of it!!

thanks again!

SchpeiderMann SchpeiderMann

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Nah joke, I love it! Maybe the voice should be a bit louder, but still, I love it! Really sounds a bit like something Rammstein would do ^^ Also love the musicbox-thing, sounds awesome!
(I am German btw, so don't call me stupid yank or something because of the title lol)

Team Fortress 2 Rock Cover Team Fortress 2 Rock Cover

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well^^

Awesome! Always loved the theme and as a fan of metal and rock, I gotta say that this really sounds good, all I can say is that I miss the main-riff at the end :D Otherwise great! Love the solo

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